Labour and Insurance Services

Knowing in depth the complex and constantly changing field of labour, insurance and pension legislation, our ultimate goal is the timely, valid and reliable information on the important developments that take place daily in this sector and which greatly affect the daily operation of business.

We specialize in the field of Business Consulting and Management Consulting Services. We offer a set of important support tools and services, with the ultimate goal of establishing a realistic business strategy and creating the conditions that will contribute to the healthy development of businesses


Forocom with a thorough knowledge of Labor and Insurance issues, provides clients with timely and responsible documented information, support and coverage from the beginning of their relationship with the private sector employee, from hiring to dismissal, offering a complete and thorough exemplary completion of forms with correct data on employees. You will be able to have support for:

  • Private contracts with employees
  • Hirings
  • Layoffs
  • Departures
  • Compensation


Integrated Retirement Studies Services

The goal of our company is on the one hand to provide this service responsibly, in writing and substantiated with detailed data which can be used later for the issuance of the pension, on the other hand the interested party can be informed about the most appropriate time to submit his supporting documents, regarding his retirement. We are willing to help and support you with appropriate information, if you request it, and in the later stages of the process until the issuance of the pension