Integrated tax services

Forocom offers a wide range of accounting services tailored to the requirements and needs of all businesses. We have extensive experience and deep knowledge of the rules of accounting and tax legislation, offering our customers high quality services

Complete accounting at the headquarters of your business or at our offices

Organization and supervision of business accounting in order to achieve its lawful, smooth and more efficient operation

Adaptation to International Accounting Standards (IAS & IFRS)

Full implementation of the accounting plan based on serving the information needs of the company

Preparation of accounting statements fully harmonized with the existing legislation

Preparation of the annual corporate income tax return

Preparation of other tax returns

Preparation and submission of other tax returns and end-of-year financial reports

Preparation and submission of periodic and annual VAT returns, as well as statistical information (Intrastat, listing)

Preparing and submitting a VAT refund application and assistance throughout the process until tax collection

Design, implementation and development of financial reporting reports for both internal use (MIS Reporting) and external use (banks, etc.)

Tax representative services and assistance in preparing and submitting tax returns

Execution of bureaucratic work and transactions with the State (Tax Office, Insurance Organizations, Prefecture and Chambers)