Precautionary tax audit

The precautionary tax audit is intended to help your company identify any potential tax implications that may have arisen from a transaction.

It helps in the correct treatment of the tax treatment of certain transactions, in the reduction of the tax risks and the achievement of future tax optimization and ensures that your business activities comply with the Greek tax provisions.

We provide professional services for identification, compliance and risk analysis in income tax, VAT, real estate taxes, etc.


Internal audit

Internal Audit is an independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity that adds value and improves corporate activities and operations. Supports the organization in achieving its goals, using a systematic and disciplined approach, in order to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, valves and governance processes.

Internal audit includes all the means, methods and procedures used in order to control and evaluate the adequacy of the operation of the internal control system. In addition, it aims at proposing improvements and remedial measures, where necessary, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the financial unit as a whole, within the framework of the policy established by the administration.

FOROCOM’s internal audit services sector offers a comprehensive approach to internal audit and operational risk management. Using the appropriate techniques and tools, we analyze the strategy of each company and public organization as well as the relevant processes that contribute to its achievement, to help Management understand strategic risks, identify ways to manage them and organize an effective internal control system. .

FOROCOM has experienced and trained executives (Certified Internal Auditor registered in the Register of Internal Auditors of the Ministry of Finance of article 4 of law 3429/2005), who undertake with absolute consistency and success the internal audit services.

Management control

Forocom has extensive experience and expertise in conducting management audits in both the private and wider public sectors.

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Systems Inspection
  • Investigation - File Analysis
  • Preparation of Expert Reports